Water Aerobics

water aerobics

Recently I joined a water aerobics class at the local Country Club.  Like many others I have gained too much weight and need to lose a few pounds. Now that is an understatement but we won’t go there. A new swimsuit was required as all of me didn’t fit into the old one, it must have shrunk. Normally I buy a dark coloured suit  so no one will notice me but this year I must have had some kind of seizure . I remember thinking it might be nice to have a bit of colour this time. There were numerous suits in black or navy with a contrasting stripe on one or both sides that would be perfect. All I had to do was decide if the stripe should be aqua, pink or red. Then I spotted a rack with patterned suits in a variety of prints with multiple colours. That’s when I had the seizure or black out or brain freeze, I’ll never know what really happened and I’m not sure I ever want to. Next thing I remember clearly is standing in my bedroom facing the mirror and looking at a vibrantly coloured over inflated beach ball. The first class I attended I could not help noticing ever one wearing one colour suits and then there was this beach ball flipping and flopping around in the water. Never the less I love the water and the class is fun so this beach ball just keeps bobbing.



Today is my birthday. Age has never bothered me the way it does some people but today, I must admit, is a struggle. I have an appointment with a surgeon about a mass on one of my adrenal glands. What kind of surgery? Is it benign or malignant? So many questions and hopefully as many answers. Waiting is by far the worst part. Lets just get on with it good, bad or indifferent.

Pet peeves

Aug. 13/13

Today we had lunch out. We went to a buffet family resturaunt which was very busy for a Tuesday. There were several families with kids of varying ages as you’d expect. I could hear the small voices from several directions. Just as we sat down to eat a cell phone rang, with one of those loud unrecognizable tinny tunes, somewhere on the opposite side of the room. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a woman pick up a phone and squeal “it’s Connie”. Who cares who it is? There are four other people at the same table so the woman puts Connie on speaker and all five have a very loud chat with Connie. Haven’t they noticed there are 50 or so people around them tryng to eat and talk to the person(s) they are with? The call lasted about 15 mins at full volume. What happened to manners or just consideration for others? I am sure I was not the only one there wishing someones battery would die.

What next

Ten years ago I was told I had CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia) Stage 1, it debilitates your immune system as the red blood cells are all immature. The CLL is still in stage 1 but also makes me more prone to other cancers etc. Every 4 months I get blood tests done but other than that no treatment required.

Two years ago my mother died, she was 98 so somewhat expected, and that was the start of two horrible years. When I came back from Scotland there was a letter for me to have a biopsy asap. Turns out I had breast cancer but only need a lumpectomy and radiation every day for three months. It caused a severe burn under my left arm which healed very quickly with Calendula, all natural cream, which I swear is magic. Soothes the pain and helps healing. I now use it for everything and give it to family and friends.

While in recovery from the surgery they realized I had sleep apnea, I stop breathing and forget to start again. Now I have a machine to make me breath and one that makes oxygen so overnight I wear a mask hooked up to these machines. My hubby says I sound like Darth Vader and we both wear ear plugs and he’s deaf!

Almost a moth after the radiation I became very ill, if I wasn’t unconscious I was ranting and raving. Mostly I’m a quiet person but apparently I talked non-stop for 36 hours. I was in ICU for a week and still have no recollection of ever being there. I’ve been told a few times that I’m a raving lunatic so now there’s proof lol. The result of that episode I have COPD ( Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease).  Twice daily I use a Nebulizer for 30 mins. This thing hums loudly and hisses, even the dogs run away. Incase I get bored with that lot I am now a diabetic too, but at least that is quiet.

I know this sounds like a big moan but really it’s not. Everyday I am thankful that I have it easy as I still lead a fairly normal life, whatever normal means.  Recently a doctor told me normal is a cycle on a washing machine,, that’s the best description I’ve ever heard.