Pet peeves

Aug. 13/13

Today we had lunch out. We went to a buffet family resturaunt which was very busy for a Tuesday. There were several families with kids of varying ages as you’d expect. I could hear the small voices from several directions. Just as we sat down to eat a cell phone rang, with one of those loud unrecognizable tinny tunes, somewhere on the opposite side of the room. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a woman pick up a phone and squeal “it’s Connie”. Who cares who it is? There are four other people at the same table so the woman puts Connie on speaker and all five have a very loud chat with Connie. Haven’t they noticed there are 50 or so people around them tryng to eat and talk to the person(s) they are with? The call lasted about 15 mins at full volume. What happened to manners or just consideration for others? I am sure I was not the only one there wishing someones battery would die.